Am1 jacket stripper

Environmental elements, if any, are represented with dotted lines. In another aspect, referring to FIG. As will be described in greater detail below, the apparatus operates to fan the shielding out by displacing the shielding material back toward the cable jacket or insulating member to fan out the shielding at a termination T of the insulating member Electroquip ME10, Sittingbourne, Kent.. In one aspect the aperture AP may include any suitable cable gripping member for gripping at least the shielding of the cable. For example, the gripper portions A, B may move laterally or radially e. During production, component and subassembly manufacturing and system integration of the aircraft take place.

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We currently have a surplus of Sumitomo reels - please visit our website to learn more and please enquire for further details. In accordance with one or more aspects of the disclosed embodiment the second gripping member is configured to remove the cut portion of the shielding layer from the cable. For example, the clearance provided between the outer periphery of the punch member A, B and the inside surface RS of the recess R may be such that as the punch member A, B is inserted into the recess R the shearing member C shears the shielding e. Click On Cart to view your Cart. In one aspect the sensors may be contact sensors, such as limit switches that limit travel of, for example, linear actuators that move one or more of the first and second shielding grippers , , shielding fanner and shielding folder relative to the cable BizHouse Electric devices Cables.


Here each gripper portion A, B may include any suitable fluid passage AL that communicably couples the inflatable gripping member with any suitable fluid source FS for inflating and deflating the gripping member Rectangular Metal Hole Punches. We offer a range of Crimping Machines, training is provided on all machines. The apparatus of claim 1 , wherein the controller is further configured to: A wiring harness includes a bundle of cables, and each cable can include multiple wires each having a conductor — FIG. In one aspect the first and second shielding grippers , may be in the form of mating dies that are sized and shaped to cut or otherwise shear the shielding at a predetermined distance from the insulating member termination T. In accordance with one or more aspects of the disclosed embodiment the apparatus further includes a controller configured to:
Here the cable gripping member may be inflated, as described above, to grip at least the shielding Mini Applicator The Mini Applicator is designed to produce high quality terminations, they come in front and double carrier for side feed applicators, and chain link rear terminals for Rear feed applicators. Different examples and aspects of the apparatus and methods are disclosed herein that include a variety of components, features, and functionality. We have a wealth of knowledge within this industry and will be happy to help with any advice. Lines connecting the various blocks do not imply any particular order or dependency of the operations or portions thereof. As the first shielding gripper and the second shielding gripper move towards each other, the portion of the shielding P is sheared through an interaction of the shearing member C and the punch member A, B.

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