Decline of european world domination

His portrayal of the population of the region as having well-established political structures contradicted the traditional view of this population as uncivilized. They can plainly see that in the 21st century, the big power, with million inhabitants, the highest standard of living, the best geographical position, the best conditions to attract talent, the highest cultural standards, the best health systems, is Europe. As the early first millennium BC went on, however, the soaring social development in the agricultural empires presented horse-riding nomads on the steppes with a new way to live: The Zenith of European Power, p Chinese naval exploration, especially in the Ming, was always done at the whim of the emperors, especially Yongle who had practical reasons for finding out if the Jianwen Emperor, whose throne he usurped, had actually escaped overseas.
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What can I do to prevent this in the future?

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European balance of power

The Transformation of Modern Europe Boston: Europe's relationship with the rest of the Eurasian continent was defined by a different dynamic. Not only did these wars drain European economies, they also fatally undermined the very bases of colonial rule, empire's myth of impregnability, and its claim to protect colonial peoples. He was even criticised for it, particularly in the context of Syria. Such publications brought the experience of new worlds into the purview of cultivated Europeans.
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European balance of power - Wikipedia

Both economies were limited by the productivity of the land. The happiness of humans — a secular version of salvation — or the fulfilment of the providential or historical destiny of a people, were seen as being dependent on the accomplishment of "civilized" ways of life. You spoke of the end of an empire ten years ago, two years before the election of Barack Obama, who seemed able to turn the situation around. The idea of the "White Man's Burden" not only justified the conquest of non-European peoples, but interpreted it as the duty of Europeans to spread their superior culture. So we have the consequences of an all-powerful market that makes a mockery of democracy, and the citizens know this. The stereotype of the "bad" or "ignoble savage" continued to influence perceptions of the Americas in 18th and 19th century Europe.
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Between and , rising social development had shrunk the Atlantic, turning North America into a periphery to European markets. The latter phenomenon was doubtlessly responsible for distorted representations of Oriental culture and society, which was often reduced to stereotypes of a fabulous, exotic, mysterious and sensual Orient. Department of Defence, , But by the end of the Reich had to contend not only with the arms production of the British empire and the Soviet Union but also with the rapidly growing military might of the world's economic superpower, the United States. While European Enlightenment thought also contained scepticism towards the idea of European society as the pinnacle of human development, it ultimately paved the way for positivistic and evolutionist theories in the 19th century. Like Britain, several East European governments seek to balance their fears of a German-dominated European Union by leaning even more toward the American policeman. The explanation for the extraordinary changes in western and central Europe, though, is not hard to find:
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